• Change the spark plugs (03-05 R6)

    You will need approx. 2 hours and some basic tools.
    Here is what I used:

    the socket size is 10mm, philips screwdriver (flat was used to lift the air filter cover), extensions, spark plug socket, not pictured there - 5mm hex and a piece of a line

    1. remove the rear seat

    2. remove the front seat using the 5mm hex, the screws are located at te back, under the seat

    3. raise the tank, it is held by 2 hex type screws (5mm) in the front

    4. Using a piece of a line secure the tank in a raised position by connecting the front of the tank with a bar under the rear seat

    5. Remowe the air filter top cover - held by 6 philips screws

    6. Remove the filer (it is a good time to change it too) and you may find that the previous owner put a k&n filter and velocity stacks for you

    7. Remove the bottom of the air folter box, it is held by a 10mm bolt in the front

    and some lines and electrical connector that are attached on the left

    2 on the right

    1 in the back

    8. you will see that covering the spark plugs there is a heat shield - it's that black thing in front

    you will have to remove it, I found that it is easier to do it if you lower the radiator a little bit, so unbolt the left side of the rad

    and take the right side of the rad off too
    now just work the heat shield out until it comes out, it is not hard, just take your time (it took me 5 minutes)

    9. my advice - do the spark plugs one after another; start with # 2 and 3
    unhook the electrical connector and pull the coil out by turning it a little bit

    coil out

    now you will need a spark plug socket and some extensions or a long spark plug socket, the latter is better cause there is no danger of disconnecting anything in your extensions, I used whatever I had though, it obviously has to be longer than a coil

    it was tight but it worked

    the first spark plug is out

    replace it with the new one and thread it in, start with just your extensions, no wrench, just use your hand to make sure that you don't mess up a thread
    now move to the next spark plug, the plugs 2 and 3 are easier to take out

    10. get the spark plugs 1 and 4 out;
    disconnect the electrical connectors

    you can see the air line that will be in a way, disconnect it too, it is only held by a metal clamp

    replace the plug, repeat the same thing to the other side, disconnect the electrical plug

    disconnect the air line

    and replace the spark plug
    you now should have all the plugs out

    11. when you reconnect the coils, while pushing them down make sure that you push them all the way down, until there is no gap between the rubber boot and the engine cover, they should "click" if pushed all the way, also make sure that you reconnected all the electrical connectors back to the coils, and all the air hoses (spark plugs 1 and 4)

    12. reinstall the heat shield making sure that the rubber hoses go thru the same holes they were going thru before

    13. put the botton of the airbox and reattach all the air hoses
    on the left, 1 hose, 1 electrical connector

    on the back 1 air hose

    on the right 2 air hoses

    and the bolt in the front

    14. put the air filter in (change it prefferably) and put the cover back up, put all the 6 philips screws in

    15. unhook the tank, put it down, screw it in

    16. put back the front seat, screw it in

    17. put back the rear seat

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      Outstanding tutorial.. Thank you for the step by step via high res photos!!!
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      great step by step, looking to do my plugs this week as well so helped a lot too see what i was going to be up against